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best OET online coaching centre kerala, India – Student Testimonials

Excellent online OET coaching, well trained tutors , no words to say about Tiju Sir , excellent grammar training, simple and making everyone understand clearly , well organized mock test, very responsible …..Strongly recommend Ghod Academy.
Reeja Shenod

Excellent OET coaching in Kerala. I highly recommend the Online OET course from Ghod Academy. They have the best trainers and also give individual attention to their students. Mock tests & grammar classes are very helpful to me to achieve OET.

Dona Alex

Very good coaching for English Grammar. I would like to thank Tiju Sir & all the mentors who supported me to learn OET online.


I do recommend Ghod academy , because it is an excellent platform to learn OET online. Skilled & qualified trainers and Professional way of teaching .Tiju sir’s grammar classes are fascinating. Simple and easy understanding.

Manasa Krishnan

Ghod Academy teaches Grammar in a simplified form, making it easy to understand. I have no words to express my gratitude to Tiju sir and all the trainers who helped me to learn English. Best online academy to Learn OET online.

Riya C

Excellent teaching. I have not seen such a type of OET Online training in my life . simplified way of teaching with full of fun . Good quality education and superb trainers… Helped me to improve my skill in English.

Diya Varghese

The best OET training  and has such efficient staff with a handful of experience. Very good grammar Assistance & result oriented OET coaching.

Jiby Babu

Ghod No: 1 IELTS & OET online Training centre. I passed IELTS and now I Am in Uk. Thanks to Tiju sir who taught me English grammar at Bghud, where he worked before. It was the most interesting English class I have ever attended. So, this is a great platform for everybody.

Feba Johnson

Best online OET & IELTS Training. My level of confidence became high because of Tiju sir’s English classes. The material they provide is considered the best. Thanks to Tiju sir & Team.

Sandra Vincent

Ghod Academy provides an easy way to learn OET grammar. They have the most unique training methods by providing a lot of practice sessions. They provide World class OET training.

Ajith Thomas

Ghod academy gives the best training in IELTS, OET. Well experienced staff and great learning experience. Highly recommended Ghod Academy for live OET Online training .

Suni Elizabeth Thomas

I have attended Tiju sir’s grammar class and helped me to learn English. Moreover, his classes are interesting and inspiring with his unique style of teaching . His grammar book ‘The nuances of English grammar ‘ is a treasure with different grammar topics and its application. I strongly recommend Ghod Academy for all who look forward to OET Training.

Meenu M Varghese

Got a very good learning Experience from Ghod Academy. English Grammar classes are excellent & the way of teaching is Good. High quality training in OET & IELTS

Chinchumol Chacko

Ghod Academy is the best institute for IELTS and OET students. They help me to improve the grammar. They provide simplified learning techniques to learn English Easily.

Rincy Mathew

I highly recommend Ghod Academy. Dedicated Staff and professional teaching. English Grammar classes are very easy to learn & superb. Top institute for Online OET training

Chinnu Maria

As an OET instructor, this book is the best one I have ever seen for the candidates of OET. Every page in this 100 page book is worthy to read.If u wanna make the base of English stronger….go for Tju antony-The Nuances of OET & IELTS Grammar!

Geethu Sivaram

Tiju Sir’s Grammar classes are very good and everyone can easily understand it. I strongly Recommend Ghod Academy for Online OET Coaching.

Joj Jake Cherian

I’m very happy to write this, your grammar class at bghud is very helpful for me thanks to the way you follow to teach thank you sir. Online OET coaching classes are very effective & flexible.

Anjish M George Kurishinkal

Best Online OET Training Centre with expert Team of trainers. They teach English Grammar in a simple way. Individual attention & Mock tests are very helpful to all students.

Stephy Tijo Thomas

Excellent online coaching for OET , well trained tutors , no words to say about Tiju Sir , excellent grammar training , simple and making everyone understand clearly , well organized mock test , very responsible …..strongly recommend.

Neeli Sajeev

Ghod Academy provides best Online OET Training for Students. They teach Grammar in a simplified form…easy to understand. Skilled trainers & organised study materials for learning OET Online.

Sheeba Vipin

Excellent training in OET. Teach English Grammar in an easy way & Tiju Sir’s classes are very good. Special care for all students.

Blessy Mary

High quality and personalized Online OET coaching. Thank you Ghod Academy team for your support. Well structured course materials & excellent Online OET trainers.

Rouble Pius

Best Online OET Coaching center. Detailed orientation classes for English Grammar. Well Trained Teachers. I strongly recommend Ghod Academy.

Jincy Shymon

Thank you Tiju Sir & Ghod Academy for their outstanding training in OET Online. Your Way of Teaching is excellent. English Grammar Classes are very helpful to me & your Book about English Grammar is Awesome

Amitha Ks

Ghod academy is the best IELTS & OET Online  Training Centre. Excellent team of Staff & their Training is very good.

Kiran Padmakaran

Best  online OET Coaching in Kerala. Tiju sir’s English Grammar classes are fantastic & even a beginner can learn it very easily. His book “Nuances of English Grammar” is very helpful to learn English Grammar.

Krishnan Unni

Ghod Academy provides excellent Online coaching in OET. Their way of teaching is very professional & Learning Materials are well prepared.

Sofia Jenson

Excellent  Online Training for OET. Expert Trainers especially Tiju sir. Teach English Grammar in a simple way. Thanks to Ghod Academy & the entire team for their outstanding & effective OET coaching.

Niveditha Sgn

Ghod Academy is the Best Online  OET training centre for nurses. Provide Excellent training & and very supportive trainers. Assist all students for a better OET Score.

Malu Treeza Thomas

Very good training in IELTS & OET online. They have their own simplified learning techniques to teach English. I am thankful to the Ghod academy team.

Sheena Mol Cherian

Ghod academy provides professional Online OET training. Reading & Listening tip sessions & Letter writing assessment are very useful. Way of Teaching English Grammar is excellent. I strongly recommend the Ghod Academy team.

Kezia John