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What is the difference between IELTS and OET?

IELTS is a  English language test,which helps you to migrate ,work and study abroad ,however, OET is a language test and it is completely related to one’s profession,which helps to work in foreign countries .

What is the specialty of your online classes?

We provide personal classes based on one’s convenient time and place and has a supportive allocation team which contact you and remember you about your classes.Apart from that,we conduct weekly mock test and regular feedback sections,which helps you to self-evaluate and improve your learning.What’s more, we have an excellent grammarian Mr Tiju Antony “The author : The nuances of English grammar” who helps you to make complex sentences in an easy way. In addition to that,we provide fluency classes which make a weak student to speak confidently.

What about grammar support ?

We have an excellent grammarian(certified IELTS trainer) who has been teaching grammar for the last 7 years.He makes English world simple for you by his easy way of grammar explanation.He teaches students complex sentences which is really essential for your writing sections(IELTS & OET).Apart from that he analyses one’s knowledge in grammar and divides the students in 3 sections for helping to grasp grammar easily as Basic, intermediate and advanced sections.

What is the difference between basic , intermediate and grammar sections?

When you enroll,you are supposed to attend a test,which differentiates your grammar knowledge and categorizes in which  section you include. BASIC SECTION: In the basic section we have included the basic tenses, passive voice, reported speech, and auxiliary verbs,in addition to that,we assist you to make basic sentences with the help of our own customized materials.After the end of the section you can make simple sentences in an easy way.INTERMEDIATE SECTION: In this section, you will be having complex sentence structures (complex sentences, compound sentences, compound-complex sentences) . ADVANCED SECTION: In this section,you will be having advanced complex sentence structures (conditionals, appositives, parallel structure, cleft, wh- cleft, gerund, nominalisation)

Which is the best way for working professionals to learn IELTS and OET either online or offline ?

Definitely, online classes ,especially those who work because it provides individual attention which makes to reach one’s goal as early as possible

Why online classes?

Online classes offer private section which helps to excel in one’s exams as early as possible. GHOD academy offers expert mentors with years of experience,having in-depth knowledge in each topic and also provide detailed  personal orientation classes of each module with regular practice sessions in order to make students to become more comfortable and confident in their exams.

What about your mock test?

We conduct mock test as same as the final exams ,which help one to approach exams confidently with less stress ,and we give proper,strict ,regular feedback for each section. GHOD academy conducts mock test after every 10 classes,which help both mentors and students to know one’s weak area and analyses how to improve each section,which is really a relief for students,especially those who work.

How can I get letter corrected?

Each student will be sending letters through their personalized email to our official email for each mentor,which make them to see your letters and correct it.Each mentor will call you ,respective of their alloted time and they analyses your letter by reading each sentence word -to-word and explaining about the grammar mistake ,sentence correction and paragraph organization. you can either rewrite or write fairly when it corrects,also can ask your doubts instantly. Our mentors will be available 24 hours you can ask  any queries regarding your section to them. Apart from that they are student-friendly , if  you are unsatisfied with their explanations or grammar clearance they will guide you to the top experts.

What about your fluency classes?

GHOD academy provides excellent facilitators fro fluency sections, and they helps you to make simple sentences and idea generation ,no matter what educational background you are. They always assist you to speak confidently by asking simple questions and which helps you to improve your English language  slowly.

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