How to Enrol Listening & Reading Materials

Search Google

Type in the google search bar

You will find ghodacademy link in the search bar

Once you find this, click on the first link of GHOD Academy, then you can find the home page of GHOD Academy for registration

Once you click on register button, you can find this page

After registering to the site, please inform the coordinator, Ms Stephy to enroll OET online course. After getting confirmation from Ms Stephy, you can go to GHOD Academy home page and click on Online coaching and click on the student login

Once you click on student login, you can find this page

By entering username and password, you can log in to OET online course and you can find the home page of oet online course

Once you click on the enrolled courses, you can find oet online course link on the side of the page.

Once you click there, you go to the home page and once you scroll down, you can find OET listening and reading materials

You can start practising now. All the materials will be locked except reading and listening -1

Once you finish either listening 0r reading-1st one, just click on the side small column 

Then go to the top page, there you can find a complete lesson option in green colour.

Once you click on the complete lesson, you can see a green tick on the finished one, then you can move on to the second one(listening or reading). Continue you like this to access all listening and reading materials.

If you still find difficulty, contact Ms Stephy for further clarification.

Thank you

All the best








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